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Sep 20, 2011 10:00am EDT
. >>> what to do about the economy. we'll listen to someone who lived it, former michigan governor jennifer granholm joins me to talk about the state of jobs in the u.s. and her solutions. >>> and news breaking overnight in oklahoma where an explosion rocked an oil rig near oklahoma city. right now fire crews are fighting to get a handle on a large blaze burning at the rig. no serious injuries have been reported and most residents have been allowed back to their homes after initially being evacuated. >>> and we have this breaking news from the harlem area of new york city. there was a collapse, some scaffolding collapsed on a city bus at 125 th street, not far from where bill clinton has his offices, i think. several people reported injured there, one person possibly trapped. at least two police officers are also injured. we have crews on the scene and we will keep you updated on that. crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita. ♪ [ male announcer
Sep 5, 2011 7:00am PDT
. the president travels to michigan. that's a state that's struggling with an unemployment rate over the national average. and look at detroit metro area. unemployment there is nearing 16%. kristen welker is live at the white house to give us a preview of what's to come. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas. president obama won michigan back in 2008. he certainly wants to hold on to that state. those figures you mentioned aren't going to help his case. neither are the national numbers we got out on friday. of course, some really dismal jobs numbers which showed no net gain in jobs during the month of august. the unemployment rate remaining at 9. %. it gets even higher if you look at the african-american community where the rate is at 16.7%. republicans came out today. the republican national committee swinging saying on this labor day it is a reminder the president hasn't doesn't enough to stimulate job groelt and he's, in gaged in job-killing measures. the white house has pushed back against that saying we've created 2.4 million jobs. of course, we're going to have some head wi
Sep 12, 2011 10:00am EDT
in betten harbor, michigan. and john, why was hoven fired? >> reporter: this is the fostor where it happened. hoven said he was fired because they said he violated the non-escalation policy, nonconfrontation policy. that when employees are confronted with a would-be criminal, should not escalate, confront them. in a statement, walgreens said "store employees receive comprehensive training on how to react and respond to a potential robbery situation. law enforcement strongly advises again confrontation of crime suspect." hoven bought his gun, he says, after the store was robbed the same -- the same store was robbed in 2007. he had a concealed weapons license, but he admits he did not tell the -- tell store managers that he had the gun with him. and as you heard in the introduction, hoven's lawyer says that he acted properly. he says he didn't bow about the policy, and that he acted properly. bettenharbor police say that the two people have -- involved, there have been no arrest. hoven's attorney says he continues to deal with the emotional stress of both the attempted robbery and losing his j
Sep 22, 2011 10:00am EDT
are hoping for a good weekend ahead. here's a look at stories people are talking about right now. michigan police are trying to figure out who planted a bomb inside of the car of an area tuesday. it exploded injuring eric chappelle and his two with sons. >>> just in, after spending months in a coma, brian stowe is alert and asking for his family. he was severely beaten this past march. he had major surgery a week ago and is making a slow recovery. when he was shown a picture of his children, stowe responded i'd like to see them. the american flag is flying over the u.s. embassy in tripoli. the u.s. ambassador to libya returning to the capital yesterday for the first time since last year to lead the post gadhafi era. after months of heated protests an islamic cultural center near grds in new york opened its doors. developers first ran in to controversy when they announced the plans in may of last year to open a mosque at the site that was damaged in the 9/11 attacks. the center is open to all faiths and includes a 9/11 memorial. >>> 2010 census data released today shows the recession has ha
Sep 23, 2011 10:00am EDT
the air®. >>> a new study from the university of michigan says volunteering may help you live longer. looking at data from a long-term study, researchers found those whose motivation for volunteering was solely to help others lived longer than those who didn't volunteer or those who volunteered for personal gain. >>> hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. coming up in the next hour of msnbc, new friend of the show. msnbc host chris hayes joins he to talk about the debate last night. a gay soldier openly booed by the audience when he asked a question to the gop panel. why no one on that stage jumped to his defense. >>> plus, is it fair to say you could see smoke coming out of rick perry's ears as he tried to craft an answer to mitt romney. >>> and what tax incentives are in president obama's jobs plan for small businesses and employers to jump-start this economy? we'll explore that and much more at the top of the hour. >> thank, thomas. >>> iranian presidepresident mal submit an application to ban ki-moon today, despite appeals by the u.s. and allies to seek a negotiated settle innocent t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)